Sunday, January 9, 2011

Even though it's only about 3:30, can I just go to bed and start this day over again? Please?

My week has not been boring. Not one little bit. I had all the stress of filling out zillions of job apps, and then the next day, being miraculously hired.
On Wednesday, my mom's car got crashed into. My mom was just sittting at a stop sign waiting to turn, when the car turning onto her road ran smack into her. The lady driving, made a super short turn onto the road, and claimed she didn't see my mom's car. My mom was driving an SUV, the lady a tiny how that happened is beyond me, but she did a lot of damage to my moms car.
Friday, for the first time, I about fainted, and did it with an audience of the whole Dr's waiting room, and pretty much freaked out all the staff there. I had a TB test that I needed for my new job, and for some reason, it made me pass out. I've had lots of shots and bloodtests in my life, and even a TB test before, and this never happened. So I was a little freaked out by at, and doing it was such a large audience, I didn't really want to face those people ever again. :P

And then... there was today. This day was just weird from the beginning, when I slept in. I never sleep in. But this morning, not only did I not sleep in, my alarm clock didn't go off either. So I was late in getting up for church. It wasn't that big of a deal, because I was still ready in time, just minus breakfast. And normally I wouldn't care about breakfast, because half the time I skip breakfast anyways. But going along with my morning, this was the morning I was really hungry.
Also this morning, the weather wasn't very good. It was snowing, and there was only one pair of tire tracks going down my road. On perfect roads, my church is an hour away. So I was kind of thinking we shouldn't go. But my dad still really wanted to go, so I decided I'd go.
 Hmmm.... maybe if I hadn't none of this other stuff would've happened! :P

So we're about 15 minutes into our trip, and the roads were really bad. I was driving like 25 m.p.h. through town and stopping very early/slowly for stop signs and red-lights and stuff, and even so, I was still sliding a bit, and my brake peddle was kicking back at me, and my steering wheel was trying to do it's own stuff. I wanted to turn back, but my dad insisted that we'd drive out of it. And we did. But it took us 1 1/2 hrs to get to church, and we were 30 min. late for Sunday School. But we made it and the ride home was perfectly fine. But, that wasn't exactly a fun driver for me.

So we're on our way home from church and we needed some things from Wal-mart... To start off, my dad started my car for me this morning before I went out. So I left my keys in the house, and he was using a set of spare keys. Anyways, we get to Wal-mart and I don't have my little remote thing for locking the door. So my dad just locks it from the inside, and off we go.

Well, when we came out, and I unlocked my car with my key in the keyhole, it set off the car alarm. Okay weird, but whatever. Then I try to start the car, and it won't let me.


I guess when the security alarm is going off, you can't start the car.

So we call my mom to say we're kind of stranded in my own car... please come rescue us and bring my car remote!! Except my mom wasn't answering and wasn't answering. She was upstairs, and we don't have a phone upstairs, so she was totally oblivious to the fact that we were calling. About 20 mintues later, we finally get a hold of her. So she's gonna come get us... but oh wait... the boy's booster seats are in MY car.


Scratch that idea. She could still bring them, but if she got stopped for some reason, I think we'd get in trouble for not having them in booster seats.

So she calls our babysitter. Not home. We call some people we know around here. No one was home. So there's nothing there's nothing my mom could do.

Meanwhile, we're sitting in my car, trying stuff and everything was setting off the car alarm. Don't play around with the locks, touch the door knobs, open the doors, or try to start my car... because they all set off the alarm. Everyone in the parking lot was giving us strange looks. A couple people even stopped to watch.

"Yes, peoples! I am just trying to steal my own car here!" Okay, I didn't say that, but that's what I was beginning to feel like I was doing.

So we give up and call AAA. They gave us a few things to try, but nothing worked. So we had to wait for a tow truck, because we were going to get my car towed to my house.  So we sat in Wal-mart for about an hour waiting. The whole time I was starving, just dreaming of the left-over chicken pot-pie waiting for me at home for lunch. It was getting way past lunchtime.

Finally the tow truck gets there, and we go outside to meet him, and he has a car on his tow truck already, with people inside. It was one of those "You have got to be kidding me" moments.

BUT thankfully the guy got my car started. I guess there's a 5-second rule, where you have 5 seconds from the time you unlock your door to the time you start the car.

*Whew*. Because if he hadn't gotten it started, we would've had to wait another hour for him to get back to us, and the tow truck only seats one other person. So my dad would've went with him, and left me at Wal-mart, and I would've had to wait for him to come back and get me. It would've turned into an all-day Wal-mart ordeal ( I like Wal-mart, but not that much!). :P

So this day wasn't as bad as it could've been.... but who on earth knew this could happen? And who created the security system on a car? Good grief. :P

*NOTE TO SELF:* NEVER lock the car door from the inside and unlock it from the outside. Because your car will hate you for it. It will be convinced that you are a car thief. And while you're at it, never leave home again without the remote for your car.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's that wonderful time of year. January. January happens to be my very least favorite month of the year, with February failing right behind it in 2nd. If I can just survive Jan. and Feb. all is good. Because once March gets here, even though we still get plenty of snow, we usually get some warmer days as well, and SUNSHINE!!

If you don't live up north, you might now understand what it's like to crave sunshine. But around here, we go through a few months where it's just day after day after day of gloominess... often mixed in with snow day after day, as well. And I finally just get to the point where I crave sunshine. Like literally crave it, like you would crave chocolate, or whatever food it is you tend to just die to have sometimes.

I have been home exactly 3 weeks. And in those 21 days, I've had about 3 hours total of actual sunshine. I've had some of that stuff that filtered through the thick clouds and shines for a minute or two, but where the sky was actually blue and you could see the sun... 3 hrs. *sigh*

Anyways... for something less depressing.. :)  So the boys went back to school after Christmas break on Monday, and I immediately started getting together my cover letter, resume, and reference letters. Tuesday I went out to a bunch of daycare centers within a 20 mile radius to pick up applications, and Wednesday I dropped them all back off.

It didn't take me long to discover that I very much dislike filling out applications... and doing so when you were homeschooled, haven't gone to college and never had a real job doesn't help. But my mom is great about that kind of stuff, so she helped me out by advising how to fill it out.

I've been really trying to get a job so that I can work a few months and save up a bunch of money to go on a couple of different mission trips this summer. But the type of jobs I've been looking into are hard to find. I've looked into several nanny positions, but around here, people don't have that kind of money. Pretty much all the jobs are about an hour away, where the more upper-class people live. And the that I did find around here only payed $5.60 an hour... that's $2 below minumum wage. But I was going to take it, unless something dropped into my lap soon. Like super soon. Like... this weel. And it did! :)

There's a daycare center about 25 minutes from me, walking distance from where my dad works. My sister worked there until about 10 years ago when she got married. But it's one of the best daycare centers around. It's a great place to work, and a great place to take your kids (not that I'm really for putting kids in daycare... but if you have to, this is one of the better places). However, they don't generally take just anyone. Even if you read their website, they boast about the fact that they only hire the best people... people who have gone to college to better their knowledge on children, and people who have many years experience working at daycare, etc. So I dropped off an application there, knowing 1. They aren't even hiring right now, and 2. Even if they were, they're probably never going to pick me. Why would they? I haven't gone to college or anything. But I dropped it off, and prayed. But even so, not expecting anything.

Then comes the next question. Why? We totally underestimate God sometimes. Okay, a LOT of the time. We pray, but we don't expect anything. Where's the faith in that? We just look at the situation, and think "there's no way that's happening", just because of what it looks like to us, to the human eye. But God is the One in ultimate control... so why don't we live like it?? *I'm asking myself this more than anything...*

Anyways... I was shocked this afternoon to recieve a call from this daycare center. They don't have any posistions open right now, but would I please be a substitute? This is less than 24 hours after I even dropped off the application. That's quick for a call back, especially when they're not really looking to hire. She told me that usually leads into working full-time as well. :) Sure, it's not full-time right now, so it's hardly a get-rich-quick job, so I'm not even sure if it'll truely help me out in doing 2 trips this summer... but God did this much, I am really just trusting in Him for the rest. If he wants me on 2 trips, He WILL provide. :)

I am just so thrilled to get any sort of job at this place that I wanted to work at, but didn't think was possible.

God is so good. :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

It's almost scary how fast 2010 went. I am having a very hard time believing that only a few hours remain of this year. As a year ends, I always love looking over the year, and seeing what happened. The good things, the bad things... and whether the year turned out anything like I dreamed.
And then of course, you can't help but wonder what the next year is going to bring. There's always some excitement in wondering what's to come.

But 2010 had plenty of highlights, but some lowlights as well.

One thing drastic that happened this year, that I wouldn't have dreamed of at this point last year, is moving. The idea of moving never even popped into our brains until February, but by March, our house was already for-sale. I'd almost label that as one of the lowlights of the year, except really, it's not so bad here. But moving was SO hard for me. I really, really didn't want to do it... but I am getting used to living here. And while I still miss living at my old house, it's nice to live closer to towns, and there's more stuff to do around here. But I still miss my country yard, and living close to my church, where I could be more involved in it.

But also in 2010, I got to do a bunch of traveling. :)
In May I headed down with all the teens from my church to the Creation Musuem (run through Answers in Genesis) in Kentucky. I really wanted to go there, and I wasn't dissappointed. It's a great place, and anyone with unsaved friends should suggest a road trip. ;) They do an incredible job proving creation and proving why Evolution isn't true.

In June I got my drivers license!! :) That was a huge blessing! And after failing my roadtests twice before that, it was a  HUGE relief! :) That happened the day before we moved... so those were a couple of big days.

July was mostly spend unpacking and settling in, and that's also when I headed down to Mexico for a 3-week mission trip. Definately a highlight there. :)

In September, Jonathan & Jordan started school. It was so hard to send our babies off to school! They grow up too fast!!!! But off to school they went anyways... And since then, they have been blooming. School has done amazing things for them learning-wise... but unfortunately along with school, also comes the not-so-great things they pick up from other kids, too. :( But I have been completely amazed with all the things they have learned. God is SO good!! These are our autistic kids that are excelling! Jonathan has been doing so well, they pulled him out of the autism class, and put him in a normal Kin. room.

In October I headed off to Mexico again, but not before heading out through Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. As someone who LOVES traveling, and is perfectly content to just ride in the car, that was a super fun experience. :) And along the way, I met a lot of really great people, and saw/experienced so many new things. :)

November & the first half of December were spent in Mexico. But you all already know all about that... and what I did, and how much I loved it. :)

Throughout the year, there was also plenty of frusterating times. I can not claim life to be easy with my special-needs brothers. But I love them to death, and can not fathom life without them, so we just try to take things as they come. And God has definately used those not-so-great experiences and hard times through the year, so bring me closer to Him, and to teach me a lot. :)

What 2011 brings... we'll see. :)
I just pray for a year that brings me closer to my Lord and Savior, and to give my best in all I do, for His glory.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I've been home for 6 days now. 6 days that have gone by in a crazy whirlwind, yet 6 days that have seemed to drag at the same time.

Arriving home from Mexico I had no idea exactly how someone could be so happy and so sad at the same time. I was SO super excited about seeing my brothers. Sometimes I feel like they're my own kids, and being away from them for 2 solid months was not easy for me! I didn't want to miss anything! Not a lost tooth, a new expression, nothing! Couldn't everything here just freeze in time until I got back? :) So I could NOT wait to see them again!!

But at the same time, leaving Mexico was SO hard! I just love it there! Why? I haven't quite figured that out yet. Living in a country where you do not speak their language and the culture is so different from what you're used to, is not easy. Not to mention I never had any interest in Mexico whatsoever, until I somehow found myself there last year (there's a little more to the story than that, but that's basicly how it happened. :P It was definately a God thing). But I've managed to loose my heart to that place, and didn't want to leave. Not to mention Terrells, the missionary family I was staying with, are amazing and I now adore their 3 girls. :) So after 2 months with them, it was hard to leave.

But home I came on December 16th, like it or not, knowing that it was God's plan that I come home over 3 months earlier than planned. I KNOW that, and I KNOW He had a reason for that... but even so, that doesn't always make things easier. It should though.

I left summer-looking scenery in Mexico, and flew into fall-foliage in Houston. By the time I landed in Cleveland, I was into snow and 20 degree temps. It was so weird! :P Finally I landed in Buffalo, where of course there was still more snow. As I headed home from the airport, I was looking upon a winter wonderland with Christmas lights everywhere, and ginormous stores, and gorgious houses... I just wanted to go back. It was too much for one day. People in the US have no idea how well-off they are. How blessed they are.

I stayed up 'till early Friday morning, unpacking. Friday I braved the snow and awful roads to head into town (and yes, even though I've been driving since I was 16, that was my first time driving on winter roads. :P Mainly, because I didn't get my license 'till this summer, so there was no reason to), to get stuff I needed for baking. I headed home and made 7-layer bars. Definately my favorite Christmas food. :) Then as soon as I was done with all that, it was time to head out to a Christmas concert that some of my friends were in. That whole day went by quite quickly, but I'm not sure I could ever claim to have really been for it. :P I felt kind of zoned out for the whole day.

Saturday morning I made chocolate covered pretzels and then collapsed for a nap. That afternoon we had Christmas at our house. A bunch of my family came over and we had a wonderful time together. <3

Sunday morning I was able to go to church. That's something I definately missed while I was gone, so it was great to be back. After that, I headed to the mall. There's something about the Christmas bustle at the mal - while most people would rather avoid it, I love being part of it.

Monday my mom was sick, and that evening I picked up whatever it is that's been going through our family. Tuesday I was really sick, and couldn't do much all day. Today I was back to normal and babysat Jordan for a while...
But both yesterday and today I spent a lot of time online looking for a nannying job. After Christmas, I plan on going out and applying at some daycare centers as well. It's frusterating though, because there's not much around the area that I live in. People around here can't afford babysitters or nannys. So most of the jobs I've been applying to are like 40 mintues away. But So far, I've heard nothing back. I'm just trying to trust God on this though. In His perfect timing, I'll get a job. Maybe that's the part that scare me, though. :P I've applied for several jobs over the past couple of years though, and nothing's come of it. I'm getting the feeling that He doesn't want me to have a job at the moment for a reason.

So, these 6 days have flown by. Literally.

Yet through it all, it feels weird to be back. I really wasn't gone that long. But I don't feel like I belong here anymore. I love my home, and I love my family. There is really no place like home. But I'm just having a hard time getting back to normal. Some parts are easy to get back into - I am thrilled to have my piano back, and to listen to Sabres games on the radio, and drive my own car. But I am honestly having a hard time getting into the jist (sp?) of things. I'm totally lost in my own kitchen, and am re-learning how everything works around here with the boys' schedules, etc. Now granted, I've been only been here about the same amount of time I've been gone (we've only lived here since June 29th), and I've only been home 6 crazy days... But still. I feel lost.

While I was gone, the boys grew a ton. I'm still not used to them looking so big! :P And they're talking so much more, and more maturely. School has done wonders on them! But things are still high-stress with them all the time. But they're still my little guys, and I adore them anyways. :)

So... that's what's been going on since I've gotten home. I'm just a confuzzled mess. :P But these are the moments that God always draws me closer to Him. Because at these kind of moments, I wouldn't make it without Him. <3