Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's that wonderful time of year. January. January happens to be my very least favorite month of the year, with February failing right behind it in 2nd. If I can just survive Jan. and Feb. all is good. Because once March gets here, even though we still get plenty of snow, we usually get some warmer days as well, and SUNSHINE!!

If you don't live up north, you might now understand what it's like to crave sunshine. But around here, we go through a few months where it's just day after day after day of gloominess... often mixed in with snow day after day, as well. And I finally just get to the point where I crave sunshine. Like literally crave it, like you would crave chocolate, or whatever food it is you tend to just die to have sometimes.

I have been home exactly 3 weeks. And in those 21 days, I've had about 3 hours total of actual sunshine. I've had some of that stuff that filtered through the thick clouds and shines for a minute or two, but where the sky was actually blue and you could see the sun... 3 hrs. *sigh*

Anyways... for something less depressing.. :)  So the boys went back to school after Christmas break on Monday, and I immediately started getting together my cover letter, resume, and reference letters. Tuesday I went out to a bunch of daycare centers within a 20 mile radius to pick up applications, and Wednesday I dropped them all back off.

It didn't take me long to discover that I very much dislike filling out applications... and doing so when you were homeschooled, haven't gone to college and never had a real job doesn't help. But my mom is great about that kind of stuff, so she helped me out by advising how to fill it out.

I've been really trying to get a job so that I can work a few months and save up a bunch of money to go on a couple of different mission trips this summer. But the type of jobs I've been looking into are hard to find. I've looked into several nanny positions, but around here, people don't have that kind of money. Pretty much all the jobs are about an hour away, where the more upper-class people live. And the that I did find around here only payed $5.60 an hour... that's $2 below minumum wage. But I was going to take it, unless something dropped into my lap soon. Like super soon. Like... this weel. And it did! :)

There's a daycare center about 25 minutes from me, walking distance from where my dad works. My sister worked there until about 10 years ago when she got married. But it's one of the best daycare centers around. It's a great place to work, and a great place to take your kids (not that I'm really for putting kids in daycare... but if you have to, this is one of the better places). However, they don't generally take just anyone. Even if you read their website, they boast about the fact that they only hire the best people... people who have gone to college to better their knowledge on children, and people who have many years experience working at daycare, etc. So I dropped off an application there, knowing 1. They aren't even hiring right now, and 2. Even if they were, they're probably never going to pick me. Why would they? I haven't gone to college or anything. But I dropped it off, and prayed. But even so, not expecting anything.

Then comes the next question. Why? We totally underestimate God sometimes. Okay, a LOT of the time. We pray, but we don't expect anything. Where's the faith in that? We just look at the situation, and think "there's no way that's happening", just because of what it looks like to us, to the human eye. But God is the One in ultimate control... so why don't we live like it?? *I'm asking myself this more than anything...*

Anyways... I was shocked this afternoon to recieve a call from this daycare center. They don't have any posistions open right now, but would I please be a substitute? This is less than 24 hours after I even dropped off the application. That's quick for a call back, especially when they're not really looking to hire. She told me that usually leads into working full-time as well. :) Sure, it's not full-time right now, so it's hardly a get-rich-quick job, so I'm not even sure if it'll truely help me out in doing 2 trips this summer... but God did this much, I am really just trusting in Him for the rest. If he wants me on 2 trips, He WILL provide. :)

I am just so thrilled to get any sort of job at this place that I wanted to work at, but didn't think was possible.

God is so good. :)