Friday, December 31, 2010

It's almost scary how fast 2010 went. I am having a very hard time believing that only a few hours remain of this year. As a year ends, I always love looking over the year, and seeing what happened. The good things, the bad things... and whether the year turned out anything like I dreamed.
And then of course, you can't help but wonder what the next year is going to bring. There's always some excitement in wondering what's to come.

But 2010 had plenty of highlights, but some lowlights as well.

One thing drastic that happened this year, that I wouldn't have dreamed of at this point last year, is moving. The idea of moving never even popped into our brains until February, but by March, our house was already for-sale. I'd almost label that as one of the lowlights of the year, except really, it's not so bad here. But moving was SO hard for me. I really, really didn't want to do it... but I am getting used to living here. And while I still miss living at my old house, it's nice to live closer to towns, and there's more stuff to do around here. But I still miss my country yard, and living close to my church, where I could be more involved in it.

But also in 2010, I got to do a bunch of traveling. :)
In May I headed down with all the teens from my church to the Creation Musuem (run through Answers in Genesis) in Kentucky. I really wanted to go there, and I wasn't dissappointed. It's a great place, and anyone with unsaved friends should suggest a road trip. ;) They do an incredible job proving creation and proving why Evolution isn't true.

In June I got my drivers license!! :) That was a huge blessing! And after failing my roadtests twice before that, it was a  HUGE relief! :) That happened the day before we moved... so those were a couple of big days.

July was mostly spend unpacking and settling in, and that's also when I headed down to Mexico for a 3-week mission trip. Definately a highlight there. :)

In September, Jonathan & Jordan started school. It was so hard to send our babies off to school! They grow up too fast!!!! But off to school they went anyways... And since then, they have been blooming. School has done amazing things for them learning-wise... but unfortunately along with school, also comes the not-so-great things they pick up from other kids, too. :( But I have been completely amazed with all the things they have learned. God is SO good!! These are our autistic kids that are excelling! Jonathan has been doing so well, they pulled him out of the autism class, and put him in a normal Kin. room.

In October I headed off to Mexico again, but not before heading out through Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. As someone who LOVES traveling, and is perfectly content to just ride in the car, that was a super fun experience. :) And along the way, I met a lot of really great people, and saw/experienced so many new things. :)

November & the first half of December were spent in Mexico. But you all already know all about that... and what I did, and how much I loved it. :)

Throughout the year, there was also plenty of frusterating times. I can not claim life to be easy with my special-needs brothers. But I love them to death, and can not fathom life without them, so we just try to take things as they come. And God has definately used those not-so-great experiences and hard times through the year, so bring me closer to Him, and to teach me a lot. :)

What 2011 brings... we'll see. :)
I just pray for a year that brings me closer to my Lord and Savior, and to give my best in all I do, for His glory.